Fox News

This is a great example of Fox News acting as a source of anti atheist propaganda verses reporting news.

WIthin the first 30 seconds Fox & Friends claims this protection came about as a result of Angry Atheist… now for the truth:

Andrew Seidel is the head of strategic response for FFRF
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Seidel noted that nonbelievers have been rejected as volunteers at soup kitchens and that several state constitutions forbid atheists to hold public office. “We see discounts to religious people, which effectively charge atheists a higher price for the same goods. Here in Madison, one store gave out free gallons of milk to Christians, while forcing atheists to pay full price. Schools block atheist groups from forming and filter out atheist and freethought websites,” he said.

Seidel told the council: “If any group in this country needs protection, it’s the one that is least liked and most distrusted. When it comes to voting for an otherwise qualified candidate, atheists rank below Jewish, Mormon, LGBT and Muslims. We fall 14 percentage points below a gay or lesbian candidate, simply because of our irreligion.”

50 seconds in, “…getting the IRS to target and monitor sermons… this is a group filled with hostility…”

Of course FFRF went after them, it is against the law for a non-profit church to act in a political function such as preaching politics from the pulpit.  If this had been an Imam preaching from a mosque, Fox and Friends would have been all over the IRS asking them to revoke the tax status of the mosque.  However, since it was an atheist organization going after a church… we all know that those right wing loving Christians feel the law only applies to everyone else, not them in the least.

1:50 It is in the new testament, reasons Christians or Jews may not want to hire someone.  Sure, it is illegal for people to discriminate against you but not for you to discriminate against them.  You can take that book of fairy tales and pitch it into the fire… that book does nothing but cause wars.

2:50 These people are so committed to their own version of theology, they have such hatred of Christians and Jews publically exercising their faith… Never do these Christians seem to wear the Atheist shoes for a day.  Atheist are fed up with the religious right trying to force their religious views on Atheist and the great attempt to replace the constitution with the bible.  Atheism is not a religion, it is not a theology.

Make America Great Again, stand up against Fox News.  If you have friends that watch Fox News and believe what they see, you need to think twice about who your friends are…